"The art of printing“... The history of the printing industry


Eine Druckplatte"The art of printing must go on"- In response to this motto the support and fundraising organization "Druckwerkstatt e.V." was brought into being in 1994. Since then the organization has assembled a unique collection, which shows the 550 year-old history of the printing industry. Just ten years on it is on display in a totally new form, as a rearranged section of the museum.

The fascinating world of the printing industry

Ein SchmelztiegelThe historical samples from the printing industry, which are exhibited in the hospital barn, offer a fascinating insight into the world of traditional book and newspaper printing. Showing the cultural and economic significance of the subject, rare exhibits such as the typesetter and printer tools, hand and high-speed printing machines, as well as hot metal setting and casting machines are displayed.

Ein Kniehebel
The lead and wood scripts from the typesetting room, relief plates referring to the town history and objects detailing the history of Mosbach newspapers top off the collection.

The exhibition's technical highlight - a large printing machine for the production of newspapers and books from 1890 - is still in working order, like the majority of the machines exhibited. Thus the world of the printing industry is brought back to life. In today's printing firms such machines from the 1900s have disappeared.

Die Setzmaschine  • From Gutenberg to "Linotype"

Gutenberg's idea about the production of movable lead characters revolutionized the art of printing. His invention, as well as the printing press developed post 1800, is a subject of the exhibition.
"Easier - faster - more": the printing industry's motto is also reflected in the town museum. 

The typesetting machine "Linotype", first constructed by Ottmar Mergenthaler from Bad Mergentheim in 1884, is a rare example of early machine setting. The visitor also learns how "Linotype" got its name...

The new section in the town museum about the history of the printing industry: An expedition through the almost forgotten world of the "art of printing".