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 The history of the town museum

the inner courtyard of the town museumThe town museum of Mosbach is one of the oldest museums of cultural history at the Neckar-Odenwald region. It is distributed between several historical buildings around the Old Hospital's court, in the midst of the picturesque old town of Mosbach.

Visitors are welcome to explore and experience the history of culture, art and economy of Mosbach and its surrounding regions.

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 Permanent exhibitions
History of the town, region and culture

the majolica and faience exhibition at the Old HospitalFaience, pottery and majolica

The Old Hospital, a magnificent 15th century half-timbered house, contains an important collection of faience made in Mosbach. Between 1770 and 1836 they have been produced in a factory, which was founded by the Elector Carl Theodor of Palatinate.

In addition to that Majolica, produced at Friedrich Nerbel's oven factory, and rural pottery from the Odenwald and Bauland region are exhibited at the museum.

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Glimpses of History

the baroque figure of the archangel MichaelInsights into the pre- and early history of time and into the history of the Jewish people of Mosbach are given at the attic of the Old Hospital. Impressive documents of people's religiousness and the field of medicine invite the visitors to stroll around the exhibitions.

the fossilized amphibian

With the help of many illustrations and fossilized exhibits the geological and paleontological unit gives an introduction into the past world and ecosystems. This also points out the importance of the UNESCO - Geopark "Bergstraße - Odenwald", where the Neckar-Odenwald-Kreis is a member since 2004.

the Kickelhain House • Odenwald style of home decor

the rocking man - a toy from grandma\\\'s timeThe Kickelhain House, one of the smallest half-timbered freestanding houses in Germany, with a base of just 26 sqm, is particularly attractive for visitors of the museum.

It is equipped with rustic furniture from the 18 th and 19 th century and shows the typical Odenwald home decor style of that time


History of Mosbach, trade and guild system
the shoemaker workshop
the craft banner of the brewerThe tradition of Mosbach's trade and guild system is portrayed in small workshop areas in the hospital barn. Their themes are: brewery, weaving mill, saddlery and boot making

Craft of Printing
a detail of the Johannisberg-printingmachine
the exhibition area which shows the printing historyA special section of the town museum is dedicated to the craft of printing. At the distinctive atmosphere of the very special arranged hospital barn the visitors await a lively insight into the more than 550-year-old traditional printing industry. Working-printing machines as well as rare exhibits are on display, impressively documenting the development of this branch of industry.

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exhibits of the expellees • Folklore of expellees

At the "Paschke" building you will get more information about people like the Donauschwaben, Siebenbürger Sachsen, Sudetendeutsche and the Schlesier who came to Mosbach after the Second World War.

The expellees themselves arranged the exhibition in the 1970's..

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 Pedagogical work

the children are filled with enthusiasm for the acitvities

kids are welcome to join inThe town museum is not only a place for permanent exhibitions but also for educational activities.

Well elaborated guided tours for groups of all ages and special activities for children are part of the great museum experience.

the art of printing is clearly and suitable explained for childrenchildren are printing their own artwork

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a part of the museum library The museum library

The access to the library, a reference library with 4.000 volumes, is possible after telephone booking. Here you can find literature about the town and regional history as well as the history of the expellees.



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 Honorary employees

the voluntary workersOver 70 honorary employees look after the museum library, the historical postcards and photo collections, the compilation of the EDV inventory and supervise the museum in a voluntary way. Pfeil nach oben

 Opening hours / contacts

From April to October
Wednesdays 3pm - 6pm
Sundays         3pm - 6pm

Additional opening hours for temporary exhibitions. Group bookings can be made by telephone all year round.

the team of the town museumCurator: Stefan Müller M.A.
Office: Ursula Rauh

Stadtmuseum Mosbach
Hospitalgasse 4
74821 Mosbach
Phone: +49 (0)6261 / 899240
Fax: +49 (0)6261 / 899241

Geschichts- und Museumsverein Mosbach e.V., (Society for history and museum in Mosbach)
Pfeil nach obenChairman:
Hans Happes, Arnold-Janssen-Str. 14, 74821 Mosbach

 Site plan

the location of the town museum in the old town of MosbachHere you can find a map of the museum's area. There is also a map in front of each building of the museum.

Site plan of the museum's buildings itself (45 KB, gif)




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