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Discover Earth history, nature, man and culture in a fascinating territory

Map of the Geopark Bergstrasse-OdenwaldThe geopark

The Global Geopark Bergstrasse-Odenwald is situated in the south-western part of Germany, extending over parts of the three states of Hesse, Baden-Wuerttemberg and Bavaria. The Geopark territory takes in approximately 3500 km˛, between the Rhine valley in the west and the Main valley in the east.

The region is bounded to the south by the Neckar valley and to the north by the UNESCO World natural heritage Messel pit.

Millions of years ago… the geological heritage

\\\'TheThe Geopark territory includes a unique sequence of more than 500 million years of eventful Global history in the centre of Europe. This is already indicated in the motto of the Geopark:

"Between Granite and Sandstone - Continents on the move". Solely in central Europe, the region between Rhine, Main and Neckar exposes not just a great variety of crystalline and sedimentary rocks, but also the tracks of two major global events: a former continental collision the Oberrheingraben as part of a European wide tectonic structure. Thus, this region provides an unique window into Earth's history, that gives insight in the dynamic processes of our planet.

The Olfen quarryThese will become comprehensible on the one hand through the hereby grown typical rock formations, on the other hand by the characteristic landscape morphology and agriculture.

The geological heritage is precondition for the development of nature, settlement, agriculture, economy and present day life and thus directly connected with nature, man and culture in the Geopark. This living dialogue between the past and the present can be discovered and experienced in the Geopark by a variety of geotouristic and educational offers.