Castle Lohrbach


Guest apartment moated castle Lohrbach
Proprietor: Klaus Weber
Moated castle / Kurfürstenstr. 71
74821 Mosbach - Lohrbach
Phone: +49 (0)6261/17359

Living in ancient walls with comfort? In four differently equipped rooms you may enjoy the special flair of the moated castle and it's beautiful surrounding. Take your time to enjoy. At long-term stays or group-bookings price agreements are possible.

In case of full occupancy our guests have to share the two sanitary facilities. For all guests there' s an well-equipped kitchen for self-supply available. Detailed information is provided on our homepage. Bookings are only possible by phone arrangement.
Smokers welcome.

Castle Lohrbach



Number: 4

for... pers.

Daily rate

Additional perers.

Extra expenses


as EZ


from € 35.00



At long-term stays price agreements possible

as DZ


from € 55.00



Bed-linen is provided