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City map:

Mosbach council working jointly with the Städte-Verlag regularly issues an up-to-date, detailed map of Mosbach town. This map can be obtained from the Tourist Information Office in Mosbach or the town bookshops.

An interactive Internet version of this map is also available (in german) which can be enlarged or reduced as required. A useful search tool is also available for locating roads, places or important buildings.


By car:


By train:

Road map to Mosbach

Railway map to Mosbach

- From Frankfurt / Mannheim / Heidelberg / Karlsruhe on
  A 6, take Sinsheim exit, follow B 292 to Mosbach.
- From Stuttgart / Heilbronn on A 6, take Neckarsulm exit,
   follow B 27 to Mosbach.
- From Würzburg on A 81, take Osterburken exit, follow
  B 292 to Mosbach.

- Or use the rout planner for your specific
  rout requirements.

Mosbach Central rail station (Mosbach/Baden) can easily be accessed by national and regional rail from Stuttgart, Heidelberg, Mannheim (Neckartal rout), Osterburken and Würzburg rail links.

For more information follow the link to Deutsche Bahn AG.

Approximate distances from Mosbach:
Heidelberg 45 km, Heilbronn 30 km, Mannheim 75 km, Stuttgart 84 km, Karlsruhe 85 km, Würzburg 95 km,
Frankfurt a.M. 150 km.